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Both having lived in bigger cities, we have seen the pace of business in larger metropolitan areas and we feel it is important to continue to operate at that level.  Time is of the essence in Real Estate, and we work hard to make sure our clients are best represented.  That being said, we also feel it is so important to maintain our small town values of Honesty, Integrity and just plain being Nice!  We don't believe in a high pressure sales model.  We enjoy getting to know our clients, finding out what their needs are, and helping them achieve their goals!

The Name Oak & Key

You may be wondering why we chose the name Oak & Key.  The Oak tree is a symbol of Integrity, Knowledge, Morale and Strength.  It grows slowly while establishing strong roots.  These characteristics of the Oak tree are exactly how we wanted to model our company and mission statement and we felt that incorporating "Oak" into our company name would show our commitment to these core values.  The "Key" portion of the name has obvious Real Estate connections as the passing of keys is the goal and typically the final step in the buying or selling process.