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Home Improvements with the Best ROI

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

5 areas to focus on to give the most value to your home. Written from a real estate agent's perspective.

As real estate agents, we view a lot of homes with clients. Through that process, you start to see some patterns: specifically, what features of a home attract buyers, and what might scare them away.

home renovation in progress

Home improvements are a great way to add value to your home. And whether you are planning to sell or not, it is a good idea to focus on improvements that bring you the most home value.

Here are the renovations we have found to bring the most value to perspective buyers.

1) Kitchens Sell Houses

kitchen with island and hexagon backsplash

The kitchen is always a great place to focus. Often times, the kitchen is a main factor in a buyer's decision making process. And you may not need to do a major renovation! If your kitchen has good bones, work with what you have to make minor updates with big results.

New Lighting, Backsplash and Hardware can a big impact. If your cabinets look tired, consider refacing or painting them. Even better, did you know that you can buy new door and drawer fronts? Remove the old ones, and simply attach new ones - keeping the original cabinet bases. This allows you to change the style of the doors and gives you a fresh new look, without breaking the bank. Order the door and drawer fronts online, or work with a local cabinet company to have them custom made.

2) Flooring Makes a Statement

new flooring install

Flooring can instantly date a home, but is also a great way to give a fresh, updated look to the whole house. Breathe new life into existing hardwoods with a refinish, or install new flooring. We would recommend skipping large amounts of carpet, and opting for a hardwood or vinyl plank product that makes a big impression. When choosing flooring in a renovation, make sure the tones of your new flooring will match the rest of the home. If you have warm tones throughout your house in cabinetry and trim, do not choose flooring with cool undertones. It will create a disjointed look in your home, and make it obvious that only certain items were updated, while others were not.

3) Bathrooms - Small Space, Big Impact

bathroom with gold mirror and gray vanity

Bathrooms are another area that can quickly date a home. If your vanity is lacking, there are many vanity options that are pre-made and ready to install. A new vanity can give an elevated look, without having a spend a fortune. New mirrors, lighting, and hardware can also go a long way. As with the kitchen, you don't always need to rip it down to the studs. Work with what you have, and bring an updated look to a much used space.

4) Paint Refresh

paint brush on wall

Paint is just a no-brainer. It freshens up, and immediately gives an updated feel to a space. You can either go trendy or timeless, but make sure you a choosing colors (again) that blend with the rest of your home. It is also important to consider room size and lighting, when you are choosing paint colors. A dark color can make a room feel smaller. If you are going for a cozy feel, that is great! But putting a dark color in a basement with limited lighting may close in the space, and make it feel unwelcoming. Put large swatches of paint on a wall and examine it at multiple times in the day. This will ensure that you are happy with the color in all lighting conditions.

5) Curb Appeal is the First Impression

home exterior cream and gray with brick

Curb appeal is so important - it is the first impression of your home! So investing money into the exterior of your home can give a great return. Refresh your landscaping and make sure your yard is in great shape. If your front door is looking drab, paint or replace it. If the entire exterior needs work, consider completing the work. The last thing you want is for the first impression of your home to be underwhelming.

Choosing Your Home Improvement Projects

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When it comes to renovations, it is a great idea to focus on the things that will bring you the best return on dollars spent. The last thing you want is to go to sell your home in the future, and find out you've overspent on renovations.

We know it can be hard to determine which projects will give you the most return. If you are considering selling in the future, let Oak & Key help you choose renovations that will give you the most payback in your home value.


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