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Why You Still Need to Market, Even in this Market!

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

With properties selling so quickly, it may seem like marketing your property is less important these days. But that is just simply not the case!

Here is an easy test! Which of the homes below would you rather set up a showing for? The second, of course! Taking a closer look, you can see they are the same home. But you can also see the important role marketing plays in selling your home!

The Importance of More Showings

When if comes to selling a property, More Showings = Better. Yes, you may sell your home on the first day without much of a marketing effort. But what if you had doubled your showings? You could potentially get multiple offers and your home could sell for over asking price or for better terms. If your home is marketed well, it will attract the eye of more viewers, getting you more showings and a better chance for multiple offers.

Marketing Essentials

Whether the market is hot or not, here are the things you will always get when you list with Oak & Key:

✔️ Staging Consultation

✔️ Professional Photos

✔️ Online/Social Media Posts

✔️ Premium Signage

✔️ Custom Marketing Plan

✔️ Open House (if timing allows)

We consider your property and what makes it unique, and then custom tailor a marketing plan. We highlight the best features of your home, attract the most buyers, and get you the most money for your home!

Thinking of Selling? We'd love to custom tailor YOUR marketing plan today! Fill out our Contact Form and we will be in touch!

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